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Chicken Rice – Restoran Seng Nam – Kuala Lumpur

This Chicken Rice is very well known, perhaps because this restaurant has been around for a very long time. My paragraph on service later will give you an idea of how long this place has been around, but first, let me tell you about the chicken rice. I would rate the chicken rice here as slightly above average. The chicken itself is quite tasty but it is in no way filling. Even after eating a drumstick I often walk over to the Chee Cheong Fun stall and order some more food from there. Please note that they only have roast chicken available here.

The rice is better than the chicken, but cannot touch the rice at Nam Heong. It has a nice flavour and texture, and I would have considered it to be very good had I not eaten the Nam Heong chicken rice.

The chilli is just basic chicken rice chilli. The same stuff you get everywhere else, and the soup is just boring old soup.

This place is quite clean, but can get pretty hot. I would not recommend it unless you don’t mind feeling a bit sticky.

Okay now on to the service. The ‘waiters’ at Restoran Seng Nam are at least 60 years old, and they are MOODY. Well most of them at least. To order food, you have to call out your order to one of the 5 or 6 bald Chinese men who walk past your table every minute or so, and don’t expect any form of acknowledgement from them that they have heard your order, or any change in their facial expressions. Just sit and pray and hope that your food will arrive. But 95% of the time, the food will arrive. Also, make sure you know what you want, because indecisiveness could lead to a telling off.

Price – around RM5 per person

Rating – 7/10

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