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Wan Tan Mee - Restoran Shangri-La - Jalan Batai

Famous Hong Kee Wan Tan Mee is very popular among people living and working in the Damansara Heights area. After hearing so many rave reviews about it, I decided to give it a try. Epicurean tagged along to do his pan mee review. For photos of the restaurant please refer to epicurean's post.

Upon reaching the said restaurant which by the way is named after a 5 star hotel, I was unpleasantly surprised by the appearance of the Head Chef. He wore a white pagoda t-shirt (a very thin white t-shirt) that was DRENCHED in sweat, and sometimes, when he shakes his arm vigorously, drops of sweat roll of the edge of his sleeve and into the soup… yummy.

I gathered enough courage to eat the food marinated in an old man’s sweat as I heard that it is very good, and I was EXTREMELY disappointed by it. If I am going to risk my life eating a stranger’s sweat, the least they could do is make it tastier.

The noodles itself are okay, but I have had better in many more places, and like most average wan tan mee shops, the noodles get dry before you are done eating. The char siew is also pretty ordinary. Nothing I would travel too far to eat. The wan tan is, once again, average at best.

My biggest problem with this place is the soup. It tasted like water flavoured with a few drops of sweat from sweaty uncle’s sleeve. The trip was a waste of time and money. Should you still want to go taste the wan tan mee out of curiosity, please be forewarned that the shop is usually quite crowded during lunch hours.

I will review better wan tan mee hopefully in the near future.

And before i forget, here is a special treat for all of you. Please note that this photo was taken on a RAINY DAY.

Average cost per person – RM4.00 – standard price

Rating - 5/10

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2 Responses to “Wan Tan Mee - Restoran Shangri-La - Jalan Batai”

  1. # Anonymous Penny Lane

    U eat with fork and spoon? U sure ur qualifeid to do reviews?  

  2. # Blogger Fidel Gastro

    they ran out of chopsticks...  

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