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Chicken Rice – Restoran Ipoh Chicken Rice – Jalan Gasing

This restaurant has been around for ages. This place is so famous that I haven’t met anyone who has not been there. Just in case there are some of you out there you have not been here, and have no idea where it is, it is near the Saint Francis Xavier Church along Jalan Gasing, and also very near the Federal Highway.

Okay, now let us get down to business. First thing to note – there are quite a few schools here, so you might want to avoid this place whatever time it is school starts or ends. There are also many churches in this area so going for Sunday brunch/lunch could be a bit of a hassle.

Next, once you park your car (parking is available all along the road in front of the shop), you have to dodge overly friendly waiters from the neighbouring banana leaf restaurant (which shall be reviewed in due course). Also, don’t be fooled by the corner shop beside Restoran Ipoh Chicken Rice, which also sells chicken rice. They are just capitalizing on suckers and people who are too impatient to wait.

The shop itself is rather big, occupying 2 shop lots, and getting a table shouldn’t be too difficult unless you go right in the middle of lunch time. As you are facing the shop, the lot on your left is air-conditioned whereas the lot on your right is not. When you get into the shop you will notice that the floor is very oily. I hope this does not upset you as the oily chairs and tables are even less pleasant.

I ordered chicken for 2 people (either their portions are too small, or the food is too good… I think it is the latter) with no pork balls or bean sprouts. The food didn’t take too long to arrive and didn’t look too good either. But I have learnt to not let that bother me. Perhaps the fact that is tastes so damn good helps.

I ordered steamed chicken. It comes in soy sauce which is lighter than normal soy sauce. It is delicious. I could have rice mixed with the soya sauce for the rest of my life. Okay maybe just for a few days.

The rice is, well, oily as you may expect. But it is also good. Every time I come here my half bowl diet goes down the drain.

The rice has an interesting yellow colour

The star of the show is the chicken. I cannot really pinpoint what is good about it. I think it is more of an all-rounder with no bad points. The soy sauce is a big factor but it is also the tenderness of the chicken and the ginger taste. Heavenly.

Another important factor to consider when eating chicken rice is the chilli, and the chilli here doesn’t disappoint. It tastes even better when mixed with ginger, which is available upon request.

You will also get some soup with your meal. It is not ordinary crap chicken rice soup. I think it is the Pork Ball Soup, minus the Pork Balls. And it is good, though I get the feeling it isn’t very healthy… but then again, nothing in Restoran Ipoh Chicken Rice is healthy.

Overall, a very enjoyable meal. I never leave this place not feeling satisfied, except for the one time I got an oil stain on my shirt. The average price here is around RM6 per person, which is high for chicken rice, but still worth it.

I will give this place a 8.5/10.

Restoran Ipoh Chicken Rice is open 7 days a week from 10:30 AM to 10:45 PM.

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11 Responses to “Chicken Rice – Restoran Ipoh Chicken Rice – Jalan Gasing”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You really should use a better camera. Just my honest thoughts  

  2. # Blogger Fidel Gastro

    No money. Will post better pics once I get the money to buy a better camera.

    Alternatively, please refer here if you are interested in getting me a camera.  

  3. # Blogger Tongue of Fury

    Dear Readers,

    We apologize for all the disgracefully poor quality photos that Mr. Fidel Gastro has been posting for the past month. We realise that this greatly hampers your reading experience as it causes a real sore to the eyes.

    We have since had a word with Gassy, and he gave us his word that it will not happen again. If it does, we will have no choice but to expel him from MFR.

    We thank you all for your kind patience and continuous support. Do let us know if you have any other comments or complaints, we'll be more than happy to sort things out.  

  4. # Blogger Fidel Gastro

    Dear Tongue of Fury, since when did you have a word with me about the photos? And even ASSUMING you did, I would not in a 1000 years give you my word that it will not happen. Who do you think you are? I will be sending out an e-mail to discuss this matter with the other reviewers to discuss the status of your membership, and your importance to our organisation.

    By the way, I would like to know why I am being unfairly targetted? If i am not mistaken, Bottomless Pit in his one and only post ( used photos of much lower quality than that which I have provided in the present post. Kindly explain as to why nothing was said to Bottomless Pit about that.

    Finally, don't call me Gassy.

    Thank you.  

  5. # Blogger smoking salmon

    Now, now ladies. Let's not get catty. We've all made mistakes.

    Seeing how i'm the only one with a bloody camera (for god's sake they don't cost that much), maybe you tight-arses should just invite me along for review outings so that you can display some decent pictures for a change.

    Put the claws away now.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hmm hmm... i went there twice i think... err.. did you try out the fish ball there???  

  7. # Blogger SekSun

    Twice only... The meat ball there is nice, can't remember much about the fish ball though.  

  8. # Blogger backStreetGluttons

    hi guys, you cannot really blame FG's camera lah bcoz that fellas chickens actually look like that one, somemore if camera too sharp can see the bony splinters of poor cutmanship, so watch out !

    also the neighbour not 2 bad wat ( at least his cheap Carlsberg)

    have u tried d stall in SS4 (Rasa Sayang) directly opposite that big church along LDP (tmn Mayang)?

    I think his is incomparable in all depts, check it out .

    d bet is on !  

  9. # Blogger Tongue of Fury

    tonixe, i'm with you there, SS4's chicken rice is pretty good, will post review of that soon.  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You guys are a bit slow in updating your blog aren't you? Basking in your glory or something?  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i used to study in one of the "few schools around" and yeah i ate chicken rice there for at least 6 years. It was good but the rice tastes better back then.  

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