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Curry Mee - Kedai Makanan Ah Loy - OUG

While my fellow writers were away without me, I drove down to OUG to try a curry mee dish that was recommended by a friend. The curry mee here is supposed to be quite famous according to, well, 1 person. I found it to be pretty average, but I guess that is because I used to have the most beautiful, lovely curry mee ever at Petaling Street. Unfortunately, that nice old lady decided to retire and to take her secret recipe with her.

Getting back to the OUG Curry Mee, I didn’t quite enjoy it because I prefer thicker soup/curry. However, someone I know commented that the soup is too thick!!?? Go figure. Another problem I have with this place is that they don’t give enough soup/curry. It dried up before I could even finish half of my noodles. What rubbish.

And do make sure when you go there that you specify whether or not you want weird stuff (innards) in your noodles. I am not quite sure exactly what part of what animal was in the bowl, but it didn’t look familiar. You have 3 choices of where to sit at this restaurant. On the inside there is air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned, or if you go at night you could choose to sit smack in the middle of the road. As forthe spiciness of the dish, I would say that it is not stomach-burn kind of spicy. Just maybe slight-mouth-burn kind of spicy. For your convenience, in order to gauge my tolerance to spiciness, my tummy burns after having a Spicy McDeluxe at McDonalds, or after 2 pieces of Hot n Spicy chicken with chilli sauce at KFC. Yes, I know. I suck.

Average cost per person : RM4 – once again, average

Rating - 6.5/10

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3 Responses to “Curry Mee - Kedai Makanan Ah Loy - OUG”

  1. # Blogger smoking salmon

    I told you man. Train up that damn tummy of yours.  

  2. # Blogger SekSun

    I think it's too late to train.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Ah Loy's quality have dropped as they have given the cooking job to the Indons :P
    But there is a stall that operates in the morning that is good in OUG, which is walking distance to Ah Loy. Walk along the main road where you have Kin Hong and BHP on your both side..... it is located in the lane between the 2 coffeeshops.
    Just thought of sharing good things with you all.  

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