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MFR's "Tastes of Perak" Excursion, Day 1 Evening - Ipoh Kopitiam

I'll be your guide for the tea-time snacks. After partially digesting our afternoon meal, we decided to head out and try the Ipoh tea-time eating scenes. We saw the usual fare of cakes, Coffee Bean, fried banana fritters before settling for a traditional kopitiam with a barely noticeable sign board.

What is it?
Hua Nam is a typical Malaysian Chinese Coffee shop serving hawker food.

Where is it?
It is located in downtown Ipoh, perpendicular to the popular Ming Court dimsum place.

What was reviewed?
We tried Ipoh's famous white coffee, Ipoh's famous toast bread and Prawn noodle.

How was it?

1. Hua Nam white coffee (7/10)
The term
White coffee originated from the outlook of the beans. Traditional Malaysian coffee blends are roasted with sugar and margarine. Giving it the black roasted colour we are familiar with. White coffee beans are roasted with margarine minus the sugar, resulting in a roast that is less dark hence the term "white coffee". The coffee served here both iced and hot are smooth and not too sweet. The coffee aroma is strong and great as a morning cuppa. View the cuppa here.

2. Toasted Bread with kaya and butter (Roti Kahwin/Yin Yong) (8/10)
Kaya is a sweet concoction of coconut milk, pandan and egg jam. The bread used here is not the typical squarish "Gardenia" type bread, but the traditional longish loaf. What's so special about the toast here is that the bread is skilfully sliced in to half before both the thin slices are toasted. As a result you have a extremely crispy thin toast which was so good we ordered second helping for all. More pictures of it

3. Prawn Mee (7.5/10)
We chanced upon this prawn mee while Bottomless Pit was looking around to fill up his well... bottomless pit. Newspaper cuttings in chinese proclaiming its fame that decorated the stall's walls drew immediate attention. Upon first bite, Bottomless Pit was impressed. I quote "the noodles are damn nice". Smoking salmon liked the dish in whole but for the lack of sizeable shrimps. The chilli tasted mediocre and could have been improved. Perhaps the claim to fame does hold weight. More pics

How much does it cost?
1. White Coffee RM1.10
2. Toast RM0.70
3. Prawn Mee RM3.00 (small) RM3.50 (big)

Only slightly more than half a day here, and we already love the food found in this sleepy and dreamy town. Watch out for the continuation of DAY 1.

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