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MFR's "Tastes of Perak" Excursion, Day 1 Night - Onn Kee - Bean Sprouts Chicken

We decided to take it easy and have some common dishes at night, after our exciting adventure at Lawan Kuda. We are always told, Ipoh has the best bean sprout chicken and kuey teow. So we decided to try it out for dinner. The famous Lou Wong in Ipoh has already exported this dish to KL with multiple branches around Klang Valley. Being the anti-favourites, we decided to try out Onn Kee instead.

Where is it?
It is located in downtown Ipoh. Ask for directions if you are totally clueless. Every respectable Ipoh citizen will know where it is. It is located in what is a bean sprout chicken triangle.

What is it?
Bean sprout chicken is a dish made famous in Ipoh. The bean sprouts are cooked in boiling water till just cooked. Served in a sauce of soy sauce, seseame oil, garnished with chilli, spring onions and deep fried onion.
The chicken is
bak-zham-wat-kai style or white smooth chicken. It is also cooked in boiling water till just cooked to preserve the natural taste and juice of the chicken meat. It is served with soy sauce, seseame oil, and spring onion.
Kuey teoy soup goes best with this combination. Ipoh's kuey teow is the smoothest around. Served in a clear soup, it is a great alternative to rice.

How was it?
Bean Sprouts (8/10)
The bean sprouts were almost twice as fat as those you'd find over in KL but somewhat shorter as well. It was crunchy and not overly oily at all.

2. Chicken (7.5/10)
The chicken was juicy, and the sauce was light and complemented it really well. It was served hot as the chicken was scored with boiling water before being brought to each table. The chilli paste complemented

the chicken well. But I personally would have liked some ginger paste, but apparently only shops in KL served chicken with ginger paste.

3. Kuey Teow Soup / Hor Fun (6.5/10)
The kuey teow was the smoothest ever. But it was to be expected when you are having this in Ipoh.

4. Pork and Fish ball (5/10)
This was perhaps the most dissapointing of all dishes. When restaurants diverse their menu to attract a wider crowd, the quality of their food suffers. Being a dished pushed to all tables, i was expecting it to be better. It was nothing more than mediocre. The shop at Jalan Gasing PJ definitely serves better pork ball.

How Much was it?
The whole feast came up to about RM12.00 per person. Minus the Pork and fish ball soup, it was definitely worth it.

Will you return?
Definitely. Make your way there the next time you go to Ipoh.

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