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MFR's "Tastes of Perak" Excursion, Day 1 Night Dessert - Lai Kee - Tau Foo Fah

After a gluttonous day of eating, what better way to top it all of but with excellent desserts. Across the street from the bean sprout chicken triangle, we spotted a small little shop serving tau foo fah and soya bean drinks.

Where is it?
It is right opposite the bean sprout chicken triangle, where the daily night market happens everyday.

What is it?
Tau foo fah is a custard like dessert made from soy beans. It is quite tasteless in general and is served with sugar syrup or brown sugar syrup. The special here is a black soy bean tau foo fah. This one is made from black soy beans (don't ask me what is black soy bean)

How was it? (9/10)
The tau foo fah was excellent, smooth as a new born baby's ass. It melts in your mouth. Here, there is an option of three types of syrup, Normal, brown sugar or ginger syrup. I had mine with ginger syrup and it was the best in my opinion.

How Much was it?
RM0.70 for normal tau foo fah and RM1.00 for black soy bean version. Too damn cheap if you ask me.

Will you return?
Hell YEAH!!!!

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2 Responses to “MFR's "Tastes of Perak" Excursion, Day 1 Night Dessert - Lai Kee - Tau Foo Fah”

  1. # Blogger smoking salmon

    May I add that there didn't seem to be any difference between the black bean tau foo fah and the regular one - in terms of taste and colour.  

  2. # Blogger Pengkritik Makanan bean ones is pretty tastless while normal tau foo fah have soya taste....colour wise black bean is a little pale  

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