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SeaFood Porridge - Kan Heong Coffeeshop - New Town PJ

While waiting for the team to sort out the the Ipoh and Penang trip reviews, I've decided to check out a very old and famous dish in the Petaling city area. This SeaFood Porridge at Kan Heong Coffeeshop in New Town PJ has been around since my father was my age and that's some 30+ years back. There is no sign on the restaurant, just a small wooden sign with Chinese characters stating it's name.

For those still in the lost, it is beside UOB Bank in New Town. It is also famous for it's stew duck with porridge or rice. But that's a story for another review. The most prominent sign you will see is this "The Boss Pub and Lounge" for the establishment above it. While waiting for the porridge to arrive, I ordered 2 sets of Roti Bakar. Now what sets it apart from the norm is that a charcoal grill is used to toast the bread instead!!! Talk about old school.

Now back to the porridge. The regular serving of the porridge is large. Presumably enough for 2 as many was seen sharing it. The ingredients in the porridge includes, medium sized prawns, clams (lala), fish and fish paste. The ample prawns are bouncing fresh with the black dirt down the middle cleaned (you have to give them awesome credit for this). The fish is superbly fresh as well. The lala is normal, while the fish paste is very tasty and bouncy, beating some of the stuffings made by famous Yong Tau Foo places. When you are lucky or stock permits, crabs are also given in the porridge. It comes served in a medium sized clay pot, that keeps the porridge warm till its last bit.

Readers are forewarned as the porridge is very gingery in flavor. The porridge texture is of the very mushy type. The porridge itself is sweet and flavorful after being cooked with the fresh seafood. It's best that you leave the pepper and soy sauce out from your first bite to savour the fresh seafood sweetness.

So here goes the ratings:
Food: 8/10 (for it's seafood freshness and ample ingredients)
Cleanliness: 7.5/10 (despite being an old restaurant, it was just renovated and is very open and bright)
Capacity: 7/10
Ambience: 6/10
Price: RM14.00 for small serving (slightly pricey but well worth the money)
Variety: 8/10 (new rating for variety of food offered in the establishments). The place is also famous for its wanton mee (saw at least half the tables there eating a bowl for wanton soup), prawn mee, white curry mee and Teochew duck rice at night.

But the other foods are of course for a another day. Stay tuned!!!

*edited for Pictures*

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    pictures are on the way from where?  

  2. # Blogger SekSun

    Photos come from my trusty Samsung X700 camera phone.  

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