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Yee Mee, at Sun Yun Long Aman Suria

It was a lazy sunday. I actually decided with my friends that we will be going for a haircut in some saloon located in Aman Suria. It was said that the hair stylists there were pretty gals clad in mini skirts, oh well so we thought to go and check it out :p We didn't have lunch yet, so upon arriving in Aman Suria's precinct, we thought to go for a quick lunch. There is a shop called Sun Yun Long coffee shop, where it is said that its famous for "Pak Kopi Peng" (Iced White Coffee) which originated from Ipoh, so we decided to try it out. Looking for a parking was easy over there, but we had to wait for a table. Ok finally, we got a table, sat down, ordered some drinks and had a cigarette to think of what to eat over there. Finally i decided to call "Pork Ball Yee Mee". Awaited 5 mins and it arrived, you can have a look at the picture to see how it looks like. After taking a snapshot, i started off with the pork balls first. It was ok, with some "mouth feel", and the yee mee also comes with an egg, but the egg didn't look that pretty to me, and there is also some mince meat to go together with the egg, So it was still ok. On to the yee mee, I would say its good as it gives you a springy feeling, not too chewy but just the way it should be I would say. And the cake of the day is the soup, its really really tasty, not too much Ajinomoto(Preservatives), and it goes together with the yee mee really well ! It was not too salty, I had no problem finishing up the soup and won't yell for water! To conclude here, I would say the soup base is really good, with the springy yee mee, I would say this delicacy faired out pretty well.

I would give a 8/10, just that the presentation was just ok to me, I am the kind of person who looks seriously on how my food is served. If I am not mistaken it was priced in the region of RM 3.50 - RM 4.00, pretty standard pricing in Petaling Jaya. Anyways, after the lunch, a sexy hair stylist would be cutting my hair, so oh well just forget about lunch !

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    Well done!!!! Well done!!!! Virgin post for SikBaoMei.  

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