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Tongue of Fury's Furious Trip Up North - Day 1: Beef Noodle

Good Day Gluttons! Tongue of Fury here with my virginity-losing post on The Malaysian Food Review.

Recently, I had the honour of being sent to Penang Island, the good food capital of Malaysia to conduct a series of reviews to see for myself just what the hype is all about.

Day 1
Time: 1.30pm
Location: Near Jetty, opposite bomba

My first stop after the epic 3 1/2 hour drive was this little kopitiam by the corner of a busy intersection near the jetty (I did not jot down the name of the kopitiam, I was lazy). I was told their beef noodle was 'quite good'.

First things first, most of the people in Penang speak Hokkien. So when ordering, if you do not know the language, get a friend who does. Or you can try speaking in English or Mandarin or Malay. If they still don't understand, try pointing.

Now let me point out that I'm the type that likes my beef noodle in dark soup, this place serves clear soup which was an instant turn off the moment the bowl was placed before me. Nevertheless, I gave it a go.

In my mind, what makes a good beef noodle is the soup. Surprise, surprise, the soup was good, the flavour was just right, not too sweet, not too salty. I then tried the flat noodles (hor fun), it was pretty good too, the texture was smooth and it wasn't the type that breaks easily. I then tried the rest of the ingredients- beef ball, meat etc. There was no let down here either as the beef ball had a bouncy feel and the meat was fresh and easy to chew.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the quality of beef noodles in Penang, but this has proven me wrong as it is almost as good as the beef noodle at Jalan Alor. (Ngau Kei, will do a review in the near future) It was like the time I rented 12 Monkeys and thought it would be crap but it wasn't crap. One complaint that I have is the price- a whopping RM6.00, which is rather expensive for Penang standards. But is the food worth the price? I'll put it this way, it will not be a stall that you'll visit everyweek, rather a stall you visit once every month or two.

Final Verdict (Poor/Fair/Good/Very Good/Excellent/Outstanding):
Taste: Very Good
Ambience: Very Good (Shop was clean and not hot)
Price: RM6.00 / Expensive
Rating: 8/10

That's it for my first review, please feel free to comment. More reviews to follow, till then, remember the name: Tongue of Fury.

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2 Responses to “Tongue of Fury's Furious Trip Up North - Day 1: Beef Noodle”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    how are we supposed to know where to eat it if YOU DON'T TELL US THE NAME OF THE SHOP!!! Stupid girl/boy/person  

  2. # Blogger Tongue of Fury

    You won't miss it, its near the jetty and right opposite the bomba.  

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