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MFR's "Tastes of Perak" Excursion, Day 1 Morning - Ice Kacang

On the 29th of July, a Malaysian Food Review team comprised of myself, SekSun, Pengkritik Makanan, Bottomless Pit, LAMBorghini & Pukemon made its way to beautiful Perak on an all-out eating trip.

Bottomless Pit got things underway by tempting us with some Ice Kacang that he claimed was the best he'd ever had. So we stopped by Restoran Foong Mun Kee in Kampar to put it to the test.

We settled on the 'Original Ice Kacang', even though some of us were hankering for the Special Ice Kacang which had ice cream on top. The original one costs RM2.50 per bowl.

These ice kacang makers must have dropped their standards, because all of us agreed that it was pretty average. The 'Original Ice Kacang' did not have quite enough milk or cendol, and even attap chee (palm fruit) was missing. Bottomless Pit paid the price for overrating this place, as he was forced to foot the bill.

Bottomless Pit was insistent that our next meal be at one of his all-time favourite restaurants. The dishes? Anteater and Wildcat. Readers with weak stomaches are advised to stop here. Otherwise, go on to the next entry.

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