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MFR's "Tastes of Perak" Excursion, Day 1 Morning - Wild Animal Cuisine pt. 1

Bottomless Pit has spoken fondly of his Anteater dish for so long, that we simply HAD to give it a go. So after a few wrong turns, we arrived at Restoran 668 in Lawan Kuda, Gopeng. The restaurant itself was an unremarkable outdoor Chinese establishment. The waitress pleasantly informed us that their stock of anteaters and wildcats had run out, and even raccoons were unavailable much to Bottomless Pit's dismay. Nevertheless, the waitress helped us settle on a 6-course lunch of Snake soup, Wild Boar trotters, Mountain goat stir-fry, Wild chicken stew, sizzling Pig's breast, and.... Crocodile stew. Curious? Read on.

Kicking off the lunch was a thick and robust Snake soup, filled with chunky snake flesh and eggs. While LAMBorghini's face went white with fear at the thought of having snake on the table, the rest of us dug in. The soup was aromatic and had a flavour that I would have difficulty describing, but the general consensus was that it was ok. The flesh was something of a mix between chicken and fish - a little too chewy to be fish, but a little too soft to be chicken.

After our taste for snake was satiated, and LAMBorghini had finished gagging, we got to work on the Mountain goat stir-fry. The Mountain goat's meat, or chevon, was very tasty and lean, and smelt like mutton. Along with the button mushrooms, tomatoes and spring onions, it was delicious.

We then moved on to Wild boar trotters. Served in a simple black sauce and topped with spring onions and dried chilli, the trotters had very little meat and were not really that satisfying.

Next up was Wild chicken stew. Unsurprisingly, Wild chicken was basically Kampung Chicken cooked with black fungus and fermented bean curd in gravy. Nothing here for even ardent chicken-lovers to get excited about.

Continued in the next post..

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5 Responses to “MFR's "Tastes of Perak" Excursion, Day 1 Morning - Wild Animal Cuisine pt. 1”

  1. # Blogger KY

    looks pretty good, must be tasty. However, for the love of nature, please stay away from eating endangered species such as anteater and sharksfin.  

  2. # Blogger Pengkritik Makanan

    is anteater endangered species? I think it is just the giant anteater, which we do not have them in Malaysia.  

  3. # Blogger smoking salmon

    Yeah actually i read that the Malaysian scaly anteaters are also endangered. I am expecting more nature lovers and animal activists to come and screw me up to be honest.  

  4. # Anonymous ItchyMicchi

    hi, wild boar should be cooked in a curry, but that's just me :)  

  5. # Anonymous Chinaman

    All this eating exotic food is only as bad as eating sharks fin. But at least this animals are hunted moderately.

    Wild boar curry goes really well with nasi lemak... mmmmm...  

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