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MFR's "Tastes of Perak" Excursion, Day 1 Morning - Wild Animal Cuisine pt. 2

Here's where things started to get really weird. A sizzling hot plate was brought out and we were all about to get our first taste of Pig's breast, accompanied by Pig's liver. Despite never having eaten this before, Bottomless Pit started explaining how rare this dish was, as you had to catch a female pig who had just given birth. Yes, i'm aware that it sounds extremely cruel, but there it was in front of me, so I detached myself from my misgivings and helped myself to a few pieces of breast and liver. The liver was thoroughly cooked, and had a mild taste and tender texture. The breast had a unique texture, slightly spongey and chewy. The whole dish was served with both onions and spring onions. On the whole, the taste wasn't memorable, so I guess it's only popular because of its texture. Pukemon was clearly captivated though, and proclaimed this dish to be the best of the lot.

The last dish was something that could repulse even the most die-hard food lover. We were going to have crocodile legs and fermented bean curd in a stew, with skin, scales and claws all intact. Describing this will be difficult, but I will try. The skin is rubbery and soft, quite similar to the skin of a fish. Underneath the meat is very, very soft and smooth, and reminds me of frog meat. Tastewise, I thought it was excellent, once you got past the grisly looking skin.

Here's a yummy little close-up:

Our carnal appetites satisfied, we headed to our hotel in Ipoh for a much needed nap before tea.

Stay tuned for more reviews from the "Tastes of Perak" excursion.

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