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Tongue of Fury's Furious Trip Up North - Day 1 (Part 2): Asam Laksa

Jagshemash! Tongue of Fury here with Part 2 of my day 1 food consumption escapades on the island of Penang.

Day 1
Time: 5.00pm
Location: Corner shop, Perak Road

I am not a big fan of Asam Laksa, perhaps because of the sourness and the onions. But due to my commitments to the Malaysian Food Review, I duly accepted Thilamisu's suggestion of Asam Laksa for an evening snack.

This particular place is situated at a busy T-junction on Perak Road. This is Thilamisu's favourite place for Laksa, she constantly reminds me of how good it is and how much she loves it. We ordered a small bowl to share and also asked for two extra pieces of sotong (squid) balls. (no, I don't mean sotong testicles, I mean minced sotong shaped to the size of a ball) The noodles tasted good and all the ingredients were mixed well to achieve a good flavour. The sotong ball had good texture and has more flavour than the regular fishball.

Overall, a very solid bowl of Asam Laksa. My complaint: The sourness of the soup. I prefer my Asam Laksa sweet than sour, that's a personal preference though, the avid Asam Laksa fan might disagree. I also do not like pineapple in my Asam Laksa. Again, some of you out there might.

Final Verdict (Poor/Fair/Good/Very Good/Excellent/Outstanding):
Taste: Good
Ambience: Fair (Be warned, I saw rats the size of baby pussy cats)
Price: RM3.00 (includes two additional sotong balls) / dirt cheap
Rating: 8/10

That's all for Part 2 of Day 1, keep checking back for Part 3 is where I pay a visit to the infamous Gurney drive. Till the next time, keep those tongues wiggling.

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  1. # Blogger toniXe

    dat one cannot b assam laksa lah

    cannot put balls one

    my pg friend will kill u lah !  

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