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Satay - Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri - Damansara Utama

Hi gang, Tongue of Fury here sidetracking from my usual
furious trip to Penang column to bring you what I feel is the BEST SATAY KAJANG THAT ONE CAN FIND IN PETALING JAYA.

The place is Hj. Samuri and it is situated in the Damansara Uptown area (behind Maybank, same row as the now defunct Fajar Shopping Centre). This place serves a good variety of Satay including: Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Rabbit, Venison, Fish, Chicken Liver and Beef Tripe. I ordered a few sticks of chicken and lamb and also one serving of Nasi Impit. Within 5 minutes, my food was brought to me. The kuah and chilli is seperated so you can play chef and adjust the level of spicyness to suit your own taste.

The Chicken tasted good as usual, there's something about the way these dudes marinate the chicken, it tastes so much better than the usual satay you get at kopitiams or mamaks. The lamb tasted pretty good too, tender and juicy. I'm not a big fan of beef satay, it's just too hard to chew. The kuah compliments the satay well, and its rare to see someone not scooping for a second bowl. However, this place can sometimes be quite inconsistent. A few of my satays were burnt to black almost entirely as you can see from the picture below.

After having the satay, if there is still room in your stomach, remember to try the ABC Teringin. It is a solid bowl of Ice Kacang and is the perfect icing on the cake after a scrumptious meal of Satay.

I'd try out the other types of satays (fish sounds interesting) if MFR would furnish me with some budget. As of now, we, the reviewers have to fork out our own money... the horror. Mr. Boss I hope you're reading this.

Final Verdict:

Taste: Good
Ambience: Good (Shop was clean, TV for entertainment- TV3 that is, no astro here)
Price: RM0.60 / stick
Rating: 8/10

*Look out for the antique typewriter on the counter as you pay for your food.

That's it for now, will be back with more from my trip to Penang. Until then, SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR!

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10 Responses to “Satay - Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri - Damansara Utama”

  1. # Blogger Fidel Gastro

    You should go to Kajang for the real stuff. From what I understand the satay at their branches are pre-cooked.  

  2. # Blogger Tongue of Fury

    Didn't taste pre-cooked to me. You're just jealous.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Haven't eaten Kajang sate since their notorious rumour. Don't think will ever try again.  

  4. # Blogger Tongue of Fury

    What rumour? Please share.  

  5. # Blogger smoking salmon

    is it the one about the underwear?  

  6. # Blogger Fidel Gastro

    I think it is probably the one about the sanitary pad.  

  7. # Blogger Jackson

    who cares bout the rumours! Coz it's a "romours"!!! I still love their satay so much  

  8. # Anonymous alex

    I have tasted both the chinese and malay satay Kajang, they are really nice. Good to know I don't have to travel all the way to Kajang to get some Kajang Satay now lol. Of course they may not be as nice as those in Kajang but it'd still be satisfying enough :)  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    yup/... if only they serve the food hot.... most of the time i get cold satay and nasi himpit there, and keyupat always funish...  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Is this the same as in the Sg Buloh Overhead Restoran on the NS Highway? If so, the satay is okay but the kuah is way too sweet.  

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