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Char Kuey Teow - Lorong Selamat - Penang

Following up on the previous Char Kuey Teow review from PJ Old Town. Let me bring you to Penang where most people may already know this Penang cuisine is famous for its road side hawker foods. We bring you to another Char Kuey Teow stall at Lorong Selamat, Penang. As you can see, this is no ordinary Char Kuey Teow stall. For a whopping RM7.50 it is the most expensive Char Kuey Teow I have eaten at a road side stall.

NOTE: This hawker stall does not serve the dish to your table, it is self service! You will have to line up to get your dish, which is pretty ridiculous for a hawker stall in Malaysia.

Knowing the queues in advance, we decided to pay an early visit to the Char Kuey Teow aunty. We were third in line but the assistants were just preparing the wok to be heated up by hot burning charcoal [picture below].We were also able to witness the fresh cockles delivered by a motorcyclist to this stall. I believe it is done daily, because only a bag was delivered.

The chef aunty started at 11.30am sharp while one of the assistant took the order and the other assistant counted the exact amount of the prawns, cockles and lap cheong (Chinese sausage) for each plate. As you can see from the picture, the aunty was well prepared with goggle, apron, chef hat and also a pair of original Crocs sandals to make her comfortable standing there for the rest of the afternoon.

After lining up for 15mins, we finally got our food. The food looks and smell great with the big mouth watering prawn. After we sat down, the waiter asked us “how many bowls of ice kacang?” We didn’t know why he only offered the ice kacang because he could offer other drinks as well but we guessed that they have the highest margin from ice kacang.


First bite, you could taste the perfect burnt charcoal wok noodle that melted in my mouth. Each bite gave me a taste of the charcoal wok which have been used to fry thousands of strands kuey teow each day. The big prawns were very crunchy and fresh even though they were fried the longest in the wok. It showed that the prawns were very fresh. The charcoal smell, a spoonful of pork lard, prawns, Chinese sausages, chilies and cockles were actually fused perfectly making it the best Char Kuey Teow I have eaten.

The Judging

The service?? There was none. The food was definitely worth RM7.50, and we will definitely go back there on our next trip to Penang. I will give this place a 9/10 for the food and the missing point for the service.

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11 Responses to “Char Kuey Teow - Lorong Selamat - Penang”

  1. # Blogger smoking salmon

    Sorry Tonguey, but based solely from the pics, this plate of kuey teow definitely beats yours by a mile. It looks absolutely perfect.

    Then again, I might be biased, cuz i hate it when kuey teow is mixed with mee.

    When is the Penang trip man... I need to have this.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I just can't take away my eyes from the prawns from the Penang char kuey teow. They look simply irrestible and definitely much bigger than Tongue of Fury's prawns. RM 7.50 is definitely reasonable for that whole plate of a dazzling char kuew teow.  

  3. # Blogger backStreetGluttons

    agreed, the fat prawns deserve additional rating of 0.75, so I think rating should be revised to

    9.75, beating the old town pj one by one tiny FG's whisker  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    something is wrong with the link you use to ping PPS  

  5. # Blogger ad1

    thanks earl-ku

    It does seems like something is wrong. I have checked the link and the spelling seems correct. weird  

  6. # Blogger Efendi

    blog hop ^^
    hehe.. 1st i thought this was a wordpress :P

    nice layout ;)  

  7. # Blogger Peter & Gladys Liew

    sorry for a RM7.50, you can get a better deal in Penang. no here to offence anyone.  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    sorry to say that penang ppl seldom go for that char kui teow.I agreed with peter&glady. The stall has a very bad reputation in Penang.Who want to pay for high price and receive a rude treatment from the hawker?sure lot penangites heard about how rude of this stall. We are no begger to beg for her food though. Spoiling Penang image!I also not here to offence you. Just wanna share a small info.Coz lot tourists complaint about their rudeness.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous
  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Bad experience from recent trip to the Heng Huat Cafe Char-kuey-teow... rude, treat customer like free eater...especially the old lady, maybe she had make little money and feel on top of the hill...

    Panang ppl and gov, good luck if this type of bad attitue hawker will not affect your tourism business !!  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    There is a stall selling economy rice at a restaurant in SS15 Subang Jaya near the fruit shops that likes to lift up the dishes that the customers place in the takeaway box in order to see how much the customers have taken and after closing the box would open it up again and lift the dishes up again and this would go on a number of times until the boss could register in his brain the type of dishes and the amount taken. When queried, his reply was simply that the customers have themselves first committed a crime by piling up the food into the takeaway box that he was unable to see the actual type of dishes and amount taken and was therefore not able to charge accordingly. What a disgusting and accusing mindset and attitude. And to sum up all, the restaurant is dirty, the workers apron are also dirty, food are thrown into the drain and food are not put in a plastic bag before they are thrown into the dustbin. I hope that the local authority could do something about the hygiene of the restaurant.  

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