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Prawn Mee - O&S Restaurant - Paramount Garden

A hot bowl of Prawn Mee always makes for a deliciously satisfying lunch. Apparently, a stall at O&S Restaurant in Paramount Garden has built up a fine reputation for serving the tastiest Prawn Mee in the area. So to satisfy our cravings Fidel Gastro, SekSun and myself paid it a visit.

A standard bowl of Prawn Mee here comes with small shrimp, half a hard-boiled egg, and lots of fried onions, which is great. Despite the soup tasting really good, I can’t help but be a little disappointed that there were no boiled pork slices or kangkung. Most, well actually, all other prawn mees I’ve had come with pork slices. The chilli paste was decent, but nothing to shout about. At RM3.50, there’s simply not much bang for your buck.

The cool thing about this stall though, is that it allows you to customize your Prawn Mee. This is where it gets exciting. Fidel Gastro ordered his with pai kuat (pork ribs) which cost him RM6.50. SekSun had his with pig intestines, which came to RM5.00. Being the designated reviewer, I couldn’t be outdone. So having wolfed down a standard Prawn Mee, I ordered a second bowl, this time with pig intestines AND pig tail. The cost? RM8.00. The most I have ever paid for a bowl of Prawn Mee. Beat THAT.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel pig intestines and pig tail were suitable ingredients in Prawn Mee. The taste was a bit funny. Maybe it just took some getting used to. But I would definitely recommend it with pork ribs, as it looked a good fit.

All in all, this is one of the better Prawn Mees I’ve had, mainly because of the soup and the customizability. Unfortunately I can’t give it a high rating because the standard bowl doesn’t come with pork slices, veggies or fresh prawns, which I have had elsewhere. So it’s not my personal favourite. However, if you’re adventurous and don’t mind forking out a few extra dollars for special ingredients, this place comes highly recommended.

A word of advice, having 2 bowls of Prawn Mee for lunch is not a smart thing to do, particularly if you’re playing futsal a couple of hours later. I won’t be forgetting those stomach cramps anytime soon.

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7 Responses to “Prawn Mee - O&S Restaurant - Paramount Garden”

  1. # Blogger Fidel Gastro

    I give this place a 9/10. The best prawn mee around.  

  2. # Blogger backStreetGluttons

    fair down to earth review, I like that !

    FG, I agree that this PM is the best in PJ ! I sure miss that fat tail !  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Salmon: These must be one of the worst pictures you have featured so far.

    FG: By far one of the best tasting PM soup around.

    Tonixe: You sound like you are growing to be one of FG's biggest fans around. I will watch out for his next review.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Where is this place exactly? I stay in Cheras. Can you please draw me a map?  

  5. # Blogger boo_licious

    Yeah, the prawn mee is pretty good here especially the varieties. It's similar to Lim Mee Yoke which also allows you to add on whatever you like.  

  6. # Blogger smoking salmon

    anon: sorry ah, but the food pics are ok what. in my defence, one of my lunch partners took the photo of the stall.

    beatrix: please, for the love of god, no. no map. nooo...

    boo_licious: lim mee yoke also got variety one ah.. i'm not a fan of lim mee yoke cuz i think their soup is a bit weird and the chilli sucks..  

  7. # Blogger tihtahpah

    that doesnt look like a regular prawn mee....interesting though..!  

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